Make More Informed Decisions About Your Finances

Back to Basics: A Consumer's Guide to Financial Planning is an essential guide no matter where you are in your savings journey.

You will learn:

  • How to effectively utilize your 401(k): We give you specific steps to take to accumulate your nest egg and how to utilize it in retirement.
  • If an annuity could supplement your retirement income: There are 3 main types of annuities and each one has it's own advantages and disadvantages.
  • How to leave an inheritance for your children and grandchildren : A carefully crafted estate plan can ensure that your wealth will last, and provide for, future generations.
  • New ways to use life insurance: Permanent life insurance has more than just a death benefit. With the right plan, you'll be able to use it for large purchases such as cars or education.

Independent Financial Advocates

Despite the title of our guide, there’s really nothing “basic” about financial planning. With all the misinformation that is being pumped out there by the Financial Industrial Complex, things can quickly get confusing. When you look up financial tips or solutions online, you’ll likely get conflicting results from different financial industrial silos, each trying to prove that their product alone is the cure-all fix to your problems.

Our proprietary system, which we call our P.I.L.O.T. process, is free from product or institutional influence. It stands for Planning Improves Life Over Time. We help clients by leading them through this proprietary, step-by-step process that fully informs them of their options, helps t hem make wise decisions, and in some circumstances, helps them implement those decisions.