The demand for wills is skyrocketing due to the coronavirus pandemic and the protests in the US!

Protect your legacy from the safety of your home

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In order to help you through these uncertain times we have developed an online process to take care of your estate planning needs.

If you wish to get your wills, trusts, living will, or power of attorney for healthcare done we are there for you in a virtual fashion to make sure it is done properly and efficiently. We are a provider for all major employers' legal assistance programs.

What Virtual Estate Planning Has to Offer

The Virtual Estate Planning Process is an online process that covers everything you need to develop a framework for building, protecting and transferring your wealth and assets.


Defines YOUR probate assets and the executor of the will.


The legal structure for the management of YOUR assets.


The specific process that law has established to make sure that YOUR assets are passed down to the next generation the way you want them to.


These are the three documents that protect YOUR family from you needing to use guardianship if you become incapacitated.


The process to follow that will make YOU and your family not only debt free but have savings as well.


Plans for managing the costs if you need in-home care or professional full-scale nursing home.

Greg DuPont has been an integral part of our overall estate management team, doing a great job of keeping my family's legal documents up to date for decades.”

Carl Smerdel Sr.

About Me

I have been serving clients as an estate and tax planning attorney in Ohio since 1992. I added a wealth management component to my practice more than 14 years ago. My mission is to be an advocate for you and your family's wealth and health."

— Greg DuPont

Virtual Estate Planning

Looking to create an estate plan from scratch? Looking to update your documents? Virtual Estate Planning is just for you.

This online process contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of estate planning. Think of this process as your key to protecting your family and your assets.

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