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Contesting a Will: Your Rights as an Heir is a free PDF guide written by experienced probate litigators. Our goal is to help family members, heirs and beneficiaries understand if they could have a case or not.


Contesting a Will: Your Rights as an Heir is an essential guide for anyone that feels that they have been wrongfully written out of a loved one's will.

If this has happened to you, you have every reason to be shocked and upset. You may even feel cheated.

It's quite possible the will in question doesn't accurately reflect the true wishes and desires of your recently-deceased loved one.

If you don't take action NOW, the true wishes and desires of your loved one might never be carried out. And you could lose access to assets that are rightfully yours. Forever.

By reading this 8-page guide, you will learn:

  • The role the Probate Court plays in will contest cases: If you are considering contesting a will, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Probate Court. Every county has it's own Probate Court, and you'll need to work with the one that your loved one lived and died in.
  • The two ways to prove a will does not reflect what your loved one actually wanted: We will explain to you what "lack of testamentary capacity" and "undue influence" are. You can use both these arguments to prove that a will is invalid.
  • What happens if you 'win': It is important to know what will happen if you win your case. Sometimes, its in your best interest not to challenge the will in the first place.

All this information is available to you in an easy to read fashion. No law degree needed.

The best part is, by reading this guide, you don't have to wait to get your most important questions answered. You don't have to waste your time or money to meet with a lawyer.

Get these questions answered, and more:

  • What documents do I need to contest a will?
  • What is the Probate Court and what function does it play?
  • What is the statute of limitations on will contest cases?
  • How do I prove that my loved one was manipulated into changing their estate plan?
  • What are my legal options?

There's no obligation to work with us after downloading the guide. We just want to educate as many people as possible.

We've seen way too many people wait to get this valuable information. By the time they decide to take legal action, it's too late.

Take action now. This guide could end up savings you thousands of dollars.

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Thank you for helping us with this uncomfortable process while helping to prepare ourselves and our family with better protection for all of us in the future.
Highly recommend!"

Tami Roth

"Absolutely professional, answered all of my questions thoroughly, and was open to my creative needs for what I was doing. I will NOT hesitate in using the services again, and appreciate all the hard work completed for me.
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Meet Attorney Braden Blumenstiel.

Braden has dual degrees in clinical psychology and law, which helps not only in persuading juries, but also in understanding and addressing the psychological and emotional impact the process of litigation can have on clients. To quote Braden, "you simply can’t represent clients in matters such as these without being there for them emotionally. Or rather, you shouldn’t."

When you sue someone, many aspects of your life can end up broken. We meet people when they are experiencing a great amount of stress, and they desperately need someone to help them. Sometimes, the help we provide is purely financial. We work to get our clients as much compensation as possible. Other times, the help comes in the form of listening and providing understanding. Although not common, there have even been times in Braden's career in which he helped mend relationships among family members who were involved in a very serious and difficult legal dispute with one another. Here is that story.

Braden's client had sued her three sisters in a will contest action, claiming the sisters had wrongfully pressured their father into disinheriting his client. After more than two years of contentious litigation, during which the three sisters refused to talk to my client, they were finally able to resolve the dispute. At the end of it all, the four sisters went into a room together to talk privately away from the attorneys. After a rather lengthy period of time, that came out of the room together. It was clear they had been crying. It's not certain what went on in that room but when they emerged, the animosity and anger that had existed for years had gone away and was replaced by a desire among all four of the sisters to heal and come together again as a family. They even made plans to get together for dinner.

Probate litigation can tear families apart, but an attorney who handles the case professionally and respectfully can help facilitate healing. We try to decrease the stress and anxiety that accompanies litigation as much as possible. We work to explain the litigation process to clients and eliminate surprises when we can. We strive to make ourselves available whenever our clients need us.